Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blogger Bracelet Race

Played in the Blogger Bracelet Race tonight, and although there were 5 people short of actually having the $1500 for the buy-in, it ended up having all of the final 7 agree to give the money to the winner. Amazing enough out of 58 players, I managed to take a 4th place finish. This would have normally netted me $153.00, which of course I also agree to transfer to the winner. The winner however told all of us at the final 7 that we get a 1% stake in him for the tournament he plays, which was greatly generious of him. There are talks of AlCantHang hosting another of these in two weeks, so I am looking greatly forward to that one also. Taking Mon-Wed off, back to playing on Thursday with the Riverchasers event.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Token Monday

Decided to play both the $75 Token Frenzy and the $26 Token Frenzy. Both of which I got beat out of far ealier then I should have, but I was fine with my play since both times I had all my money in with the best cards and lost to a suck out on the river. I did play three of the $8.00 2 table Turbo sats for $26 tokens, winning tokens in all three.
I am going to try and learn how to capture images and start posint them to give an idea of the kinds of things I am doing, so if anyone ever reads this, I will be able to get some imput.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Tokens

Played quite a bit Saturday night and Sunday. I was getting beat about 20 different ways on Saturday, came out with no tokens and less a good bit of money. Sunday started bad for tokens, but I also played a $3.00 + $0.30 MTT with 261 players. A great finish of 5th gave me $44.41 and a bit of confidence. Took a break to spend time with the family. Played later that evening. Played four $8.00 + $0.70 Tier 1 Token SNGs and a $5.00 + $0.50 Omaha Hi/Lo SNG. Won 3 tokens (winning 2 of the tournament outright) and won the Omaha Tournament also. So for $37 + $4.30 I have $22.50 in cash and 3 $26 tokens!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chip and a Chair

One of the biggest problems I have run into lately is trying to multitask while I am playing poker. Last night I am watching American Idol with my wife, while playing 2 Token Sit n Go's: One for a $26 Token, the other for a $75 Token. Unfortuntely I didnt pay attention to how the boards overlapped, and while trying to fold in the $26 one, the other pops up and I end up raising a hand I thought I had already folded. Needless to say, I lose that hand and I am down to 25 chips, going into the big blind and I am pissed off. Well I win that hand to get me to 50 chips, which is again blinded in, so I win that again!! Now I am at 200 chips. Another double up, then another, and I am at 800 chips. Mind you when I got down to 25 chips there were still 14 people left, and it only paid 6 people. After losing out of the $26 token SNG (which pissed me off again!), I concentrate on the other one. The blinds eventually get up to 250/500, and I get outrivered by someone straight draw, but I hold out until 6th place, on a hand I could have folded and taken 5th maybe. I only had 890 chips left, and played A9suited against and slight higher chip count all-in, only to be called again by someone else. The slight higher chip counts turns over JJ, the asshole that called both of up turnes over 79?? Needless to say that dumbass hit his straight, but I still won $57 dollars. Not bad for being down to 25 chips!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cooler at the Hoy

Managed to finished 16th, had a 1/2 decent stack (although below average) and was looking to chip up right before the second break. What happened was ugly beyond all belief, at least to me. I get dealt AJ suited, and go in for the 3X pot raise, getting two callers. This puts 4200 chips in the pot , and leaves me with 4400. The flop coms down A/10/4. No flush draw, no straight draw, and me with TPGK. I get to be first and push all of my chips. The players next to me, Lightning Strikes goes ALL IN after me! Finally, I watch as the third player calls us also. I turn my cards over, Lightning has Pocket 10s, and the other players has Pocket 4s, and suddenly I realized I am totally screwed. My two-outs dont show on the turn or river, and out I go.

It may be time for me to take some time off. I am becoming to focused on poker, and not the other things in my life. I will still post here when I play, but I dont know how often I will be playing. I wont be playing the Mookie this week, and I think I am deciding against playing in the Big Game on Sunday also. My token SnGs have been horrible lately, and I have lost almost $100 in the past 3 days, not that kind of way I want to be playing.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday Bracelet Race

Played the 130 PM $75 token race, which awarded 2 seats. There were 57 players, so now overrun added. Played very tight, finishing the first hour with 1515 chips, only 15 more chips then I started with. The second hour showed a major step up in the blinds, and I finally managed to chip up and was at 3500 chips (but last place of 12 players left) with the last hand before the 2nd break giving me pocket 3s. The big blind (who was the chip leader with 17000 chips) bet 3x the pot, pretty much making me push it all in if I were to call. I figured with that stack he was trying to bully me, so I did push. He ended up having pocket 5s. Four diamonds gave both of us flushes, his being higher of course. My best finish so far, giving me hope that I may be able to do this eventually this year. If not, I am learning a lot.
I plan on playing the MATH and the Mookie this week.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bracelet Race Lessons

Started the 9:30 Bracelet Race well, doubling up with KK on the 5th hand. Slowly built consistantly until I made two bad plays. First I called a 900 All-In with a questionable hand, andI was beaten, taking me back down to 2500 chips. I think lost another 2000 chips calling an All-In on a AJ710 board with AQ, as my opponent flipped over 89suited. Won my token back though playing just one $8.00 + $0.70 2 table SNG so it was more of a learning day then anything else.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Monday at the Hoy Bubble

Only played one thing Monday night, and that was the 1st Monday at the Hoy on Full Tilt. Since it was moved there as part of the Blogger Tournaments series, and the buy-in was a token, I thought I would give it a shot. I was surprise to see that 47 people were in it, especially at that high of a buy-in. I played ultra-tight, and my first playable hand came when I was down under 1000 chip with pocket 9s, which doubled me up just above my starting stack. By the time we got down to 18, I was last in chips, where I stayed most of the time, but managed to bounce up and back and made the final table. The tournament paid 6, so of course I end up all in with blinds at 300/600 and my stack at 2300 chips with A8o. I got called by A6o, and for four cards it was looking great, but the three outer hit on the river, and IGH in 7th. So frustrating, I played great and just missed a minimum $68 payday.