Thursday, May 31, 2007

Running Bad

Donked out way to early trying to play Presto out of position, got called by QQ, and I never improved, finishing 51st in the Mookie, barely getting past 1/2 hour. 2nd straight BBT tournament that I have played poorly in, hopefully I will be able to turn that around with the Riverchasers tonight. Didnt do much better at the Dookie, finishing 8th of 11 in Turbo Horse when I tried to push someone off a draw, and it ends up my QQ was no good anyway. Need to play tighter and smarter, or just take time off if I keep playing like this.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Big Game and a Little H.O.R.S.E.

Played the Big Game last night, another event in the BBT, and finshed in the points. I am hopeing that this will keep me in the top 50 for a while, as I am starting to feel a little burned out from trying to qualify (and failing miserably) for the WSOP smaller event. I am not sure if I just dont have the skills, or I just dont have the time to try enough, or as Hoyazo has said in his blog some, maybe I need to get more funds and play the higher buy-in Satellites so I dont play against a bunch of donks. I did enjoy the HORSE tournament last night, 119 started, and I finished a respectable 12th to double up my buy-in. All and all a fun night, plus railing Hoy to his top 100 finished in the FTSOP Main Event, good job man! No Monday at the Hoy for me this week, probably just play the Mookie on Thursday and then take some time off.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Riverchasers and FTOPS

Finished 20th in this weeks Riverchasers Tournament. My 3rd try at the tournament, which has yeilded two final tables and two cashes. This one did neither, but did get me more points for the Battle of the Bloggers. Also found out reading Al's blog that Riverchasers has a $2,000 Freeroll once every 6 months for the Top 200 on that Leaderboard. Before getting points in this tournament, I was was already 54th with just my 2 tournaments, so I should be in that Freeroll with no problem. I was 30th overall in the Blogger ratings, Top 50 there get into the final Freeroll. Hopefully a good finish in the Big Game on Sunday will jump me even more.
Played a few satellites to the FTOPS Event #8, which is Limit Hold'em. Finished 4th in the Super Satellite to get my seat to the Satellite proper, but just couldnt get anything together otherwise. May try to qualify for either Saturday's event (as long as it isnt rebuy) or the Main Event late Friday night, then off to the OTB on Saturday noon to bet on the Preakness.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Another Hoy, Another Bubble

Finished 7th again this week in the Hoy, taking my 2nd short stacked A8 suited against pocket 9s and Pockets Kings. No one improved, and the short stack was 8th, I went 7th, and the rest of them had a party. It wasnt a bad play on my part, as I was calling the all-in of the short stack with the ace, I just never thought the chip leader (who was the big blind) actually had a hand, much less Kings. Also ticket bubbled in a FTOPS qualifer, giving me $48 (for my $75 token) as I finished 3rd with only 2 getting $300 seats. Dammit. Taking some time off, likely wont play again until the Big Game on Sunday night.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Token Frenzy and Riverchasers Tournaments

After getting a chance to win a $26 token (which I later donked back trying to qualify for the FTOPS Event #1), I had to take some time to work on my 20th Reunion with my friends. After that was done, it was back to playing poker. I got into the $75 token frenzy, and after a few early problems that put me 84th with 86 people left (and only 26 getting tokens), I double up then tripled up in consecutive hands, putting me in the top 10, where I stayed the rest of the time. Won my token, and then joined the all in fest afterwards for a few hands. While playing that I also worked on the Riverchasers tournament, part of the Blogger series, and actually managed to final table (winning $20.50) before pushing all in against the chip leader with Ah 10h on a 4h 4c 8h board (with the chip leader holding 4s 5c - this is why Min betting doesnt work). The flush draw never showed, and IGH 9th. It should move me back into the top 35 for the Battle of the Bloggers, and the $75 token will get me into the next Big Game later in May.

Tonight (Friday) I give it another shot in satelliting into the $200 buy-in for the $2000 Bracelet Race at midnight.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wil Wheaton said GOOD HAND!!

Yeah, so I am a big fanboy of Star Trek. I decided to try and win some tokens last night, and play the WWdN on PokerStars at the same time. My token hunt went well, in 4 touraments I won 2 tokens, finished 6th for $14 in the third, and bubbled in the last one due to having my screen overlap in the wrong way, so when I was trying to fold a hand on Pokerstars, the Full Tilt screen came up and I ended up raising a hand I wanted to fold. Oh well. Was with 35 people in the "Wheatie", and I jumped out to an early chip lead, and actually was the CL with 11 left. I few questionable plays made me short stacked once the bubble broke, but I still managed to chip up again some and finished 3rd, winning $54 for my $11 investment. A great poker day, and I had one of the guys I watched on TV as a kid tell me I was playing good poker, AWESOME!!