Friday, February 19, 2010

Back and Healthy

Finally getting back to being around and online, and it feels good. Hopped online last night to play, and decided to try my luck with a $5 KO tournament on Full Tilt. Ended up taking out two people very early in the same hand, which helped because after 2 hours I had only won 4 hands. I did end up playing for a little over 3 hours, when I finally ran my short-stacked AK into a slow-playing Q4 on a Q-high flop. A nice little 51st place finish our of 872 players, with 4 knockouts total, giving me a $8.00 profit. Not too bad for the first time out.

My health is getting better by the day. My blood pressure and blood sugar are both regulated much better, and I have lost 35 pounds since December, the last 20 of which I actually lost by changing my eating habits and starting to walk everyday.

This should lead to be posting here more often, and hopefully seeing you all on the tables.

Good day and good health to you all!