Sunday, July 30, 2006

Late Night Poker

Decided to play a bit of late poker this weekend, with mixed results. Friday turned out to be good playing in a cash home game, winning $20. Won a turbo $3.00 + $.40 Single Table Sit and Go on PokerStars, bringing me back up above my minimum necessary to play the final four tournament, plus another $10 to work on upping my bankroll. Bodog looked to be a large loss for the weekend, until playing a 2,000 person freeroll. After 2 hours of hanging in with the chance of losing at any time, I trippled up to put myself in the top half of the field. An eventual 9th place finished netted me $12.00

Current Totals: PokerStars: $41.60 Bodog:$40.03 Total Bankroll: $81.63

Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Night Ups and Downs

Paid for next Monday's CardPlayer Tournament, and then decide to donk off a few bucks playing $.04/$.08 Limit Stud on PokerStars. Only problem with this is that I now have actually put myself BELOW what I need for the buy-in for Week 10 of the tournament. I guess I will have to see if I cash in on of the next few weeks. If not, I will have to play some low-blind HE to make up the difference.

Bodog has it's up and downs. First played a $5.00 + $.50 SnG, and got outdrawn and outplayed the few times I did get cards. Played so badly, I went and played a $4.00 + $.40 Beginner SnG. Hung on to get past the bubble (5th in this case), then actually started getting hands. Played well in this one, and actually won! My 8th overall tournament win (7 are Single Table SnG, and 5 of those ar ethe Beginner SnG). Looked to play another Beginner SnG, but none were open, so played a $5.00 + $.50 SnG instead. And then totally forgot that it wasnt a beginner tournament. Grinded to finish 4th, having to finally go All-In with KhQh, went up against A9o, neither of us improved. Thought I had a $6.00 cash, but then realized it wasnt a Beginner tournament, so I was the Bubble. That was enough for me to quit for the night.

Total for the Day: PokerStars -$14.40 Bodog -$ 3.40 Total Loss: $17.80

Total Bankroll remaining: $78.43

Thursday, July 27, 2006

First Poker Blog

This is more for myself, because I am not sure of the interest that anyone else may have with me blogging about my Poker playing. But I will try it keep a fairly up-to-date accounting on my Poker playing, mostly on Bodog and PokerStars. My goal for July/August is to double my bankroll, so I will have to start playing smarter. Part of the problem with this is I have $96.23 right now, but I have committed myself to continue in the CardPlayer forum league. And with a $10+1 buy-in, if I dont cash at all in the last four tournament, then I am out almost my entire PokerStars bankroll. Why am I so committed to it? Well after four tournament, I have 2 Final Tables, including one cash (4th place). Also, the Top 9 after 10 Tournaments play in the "Finale", and I currently sit in 10th place. My competitive nature may end up hurting me, but I want to see it through. Lately I have been going back and forth on Bodog between cash games ($.05/$.10 NLHE) and SnG ($4 + $.40 Beginner - pays out 5 of 10 places). I am going to attempt to play the non-beginner tournaments, in hopes of better pays. If I get below $25 (of the $53 I have now), then I will go back to those. I also will likely play in the Bodog Points Freerolls (I have enough points for 5 of those right now), and see how it goes. Well, hopefully will have time to play tonight or tomorrow.