Monday, May 24, 2010

BBT5 Thoughts

Not much happened for me during the BBT5, family and work made it difficult for me to play much other than the invitational, and I played most of those badly. I finally did play better in the one last night, but eventually went card dead and even with some timely steals, ran into BadBlood late who called my all-in (I had Ad5d), with Q9 off, which of course he spiked the Queen on the river. Finished 21st, not the greatest finish, but I was happy how I played, and by far my best finsh of the BBT this time around. Looking forward to the Freeroll on June 6th for the $2,000 package, its better than nothing for those of us who did not play well enough to get a seat to the TOC. Good luck to all of those in the TOC, I know they will play well and represent the bloggers in the WSOP this year.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Poker

Played more then my usual amount of online poker this weekend. Started on Saturday, when I decided to give a Rush Tournament a change at 8 PM. What an unbelieveable thing that was. Played my tight-semi aggresive game, and it paid off well for me, plus didnt have to invest a huge amount of time. There were over 850 players, and I actually lasted 2 3/4 hours. In usual tournament that would not have gotten me much, but in the rush tournament, I ended up seeing 712 hands (yes, that is correct), and finally went out in 17th place when my AK couldnt catch up against KK.
Sunday of course meant the BBT5 Invitational, which I lasted a while, but got knocked out by QueensUp when he flopped two Aces with his AK call of my QQ reraise. I got my money in ahead (AIPF), so I am happy with how it ended up. At the same time I was playing the $15K SuperStack (A new favorite of mine - $10 buy-in, 5000 chips, very nice blind structure). Actually was up to 2nd in chips just as we hit the cash, but my QQ vs KK lost 1/3 of my stack soon after that, and blinded down to the average stack when I finally pushed my KQ on a K high flop, and got called by K2, who proceeded to turn the 2 and get my chips for me to go out 104th of 2400+. All in all, I was happy with how I played this weekend, getting my money in good almost every time, and have some well placed aggression to work on my stealing of blinds and pots that I would not have won otherwise, which has previously been a weaker part of my game.