Friday, November 23, 2007

Mid-Tournament Troubles?

I played in all the BBTwo events this week, and honestly didnt fare too badly. Just out of the points in the Big Game and the Hoy, and firmly in the points in both the Mookie and Riverchasers. However I think I have found a problem in my game that needs addressed, and for those that read me, and suggestions on what to read to improve this would be great. My main problem is that I can have a decent stack early, heck in all four tournaments I was in the Top 6 at some point during the tournament. However I seem to get to the point most of the time where I cant pull the trigger and use my stack to get chips in the middle stages of the tournament. So by the time we get to the final two tables, I am pushing in races most of the time. Back to read Harrington again, but anything else that some could suggest would be great. Have a great weekend, and look to see you all on the virtual felt soon!

Monday, November 19, 2007

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The Blogger Big Game

Started great, winning earlier and often and pretty much being a complete cardrack the first two hours. I was chip leader a few times, and in the Top 5 all the way until we had 15 people left. I only played one hand badly all night, but since I did it against a player with a larger stack, it knocked me out in 15th. I was dealt AK of spades, and called a 4X blind raise. Flop came up blank, and my opponent bet the pot, which was 6,700 at that point. My mistake was at this point, where I called the bet. I should have either raised it, or folded. This left me with 11,000 chips, and a pot of over 20,000. When a second spade came on the turn, and the my opponent get out enough to put me all in, I knew I was behind still, but figured anywhere from 9 outs to the nut flush, up to 15 outs if he didnt flop a set (which he didnt). I was commmitted to see it out, at least in my head. I called and the river came as a non-spade Jack, giving him a three of a kind. At least I won a token to get in, and didnt spend $75 of my bankroll. Definately a learning experience. Give the MATH a shot tonight!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Playing in the Mookie..and suckout city

Tough night, tried quite a few token sats, and one sat into the FTOPS Event 1. Almost every time I lost I got sucked out on. Most of them were not questionable calls on the other players part though, just unlucky for me.
As far as the Mookie, I had an up and down night, and ended up going out 47th of 107. Not enough to get points or money, but not too bad. I had the indignity of getting sucked out on by none other then Waffles when I correctly read him on an attempt to steal blinds when I was short stacked. I had KJo, he had 9d 10d. Flop came up 9Jx giving both of us a piece, but of course a 9 on the turn gives Waffles my stack. Oh well, try again in Riverchasers tonight, then off on my cruise!!

Played some Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit ($0.10/$0.25) Cash, left up $9.00 on a $25 buy-in. Also played a one table Omaha Hi/Lo Limit $2.50 SNG, finished 2nd for $5.40 cash. May work on grinding that some during the holidays.

See everyone tonight at Riverchasers!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

I am back..not in good form though...

Ok, so it was only 10 days, but with my cruise coming up in just over a week, I wanted to get a little play in before I went, so I can make a full attack on the BBTwo on Thanksgiving week. My token frenzy went VERY poorly, as I went out 112th out of 113. On the third hand I pushed by pocket 10s into pocket kings. Oh well. I did play fairly well in the Riverchasers tournament, but eventually got myself in trouble trying to play cute and only called the blinds with AQoff, allowing the blinds to look for free. With an Axx flop, but all clubs, I bet out pot size, and TripJax pushes. If I had half a brain and thought about it, I would have not called, but as he was a huge stack at that point, I wasnt putting him on anything but a steal. Well letting him stay in for the minimum preflop hurt, as he had 4/5 clubs. (By the way, check out his blog for a great bit about Sit and Go End Game Strategy). So out I went, but feeling good about all by one of my plays in the Riverchasers tournament. I may play the Mookie and/or Riverchasers next week, depending on how busy we are getting ready for my cruise.