Monday, March 15, 2010

World Series of Poker AC Circuit Event Results

Had a great time in AC this weekend, considering I never left the casino since the weather was so bad. My wife played in the Ladies event on Sunday, her first World Series type event ever. She lasted 4 1/2 hours, and outlasted over 100 people in a field of 174. I say people, as there were actually 4 men who signed up of the event. The cheers were deafening each time one of them would get knocked out. They should have joined the other husbands in walking over to Bally's and playing in the $50 donkathon they had at 1 PM.

My event was really good, I was very happy with the way I played. I played my usual tight game, with two particular hands that I am rather proud of my results from, and they both happened within 20 minutes of each other in the 4th hour (remember this was a Turbo tournament, so over half the field was gone by then). The first was when I limped in on the small blind wiht 5h8h. The flop cam 8 high, and actually did not improve any more from there, but it also didnt fill my straight or flush draws. A crazy asian kid 2 seats to my left took a stab at it on the river, and I actually called with only top pair, and won a nice pot when he was trying to pressure me with nothing. The other play was less than an orbit later, when I had AceKingoff with two other players on King-8-4 flop. The same asian kid to my left pushes his stack in, and a call from another semi-loose player who had my outchipped made me tank it for about 45 seconds (they only have you a minute to call bets, than anyone could call the clock on you). I finally gave it up, knowing I was beat. Sure enough, the kid to my right had flopped two pair (8 & 4's), and the player across the table had indeed flopped the set (The other two 8's). Fantastic fold I thought! As they board ran out, I found out it was a great fold! Unfortunetly as in true in Turbo's, the blinds started going way to fast, and in a field of 288 where only 27 cashed, I finally got knocked out in 30th. I am more than happy with my play, and had a FANTASTIC time!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World Series of Poker Circuit Events - Atlantic City

The wife and I are going to go up to AC this weekend to play. I will be playing in the 1-day Turbo event on Saturday, and my wife will be playing the Ladies Event on Sunday. Let me know if you plan on being in AC this weekend! Wish us luck, although I think we both should do well. I will let everyone know how we did come Monday.