Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cooler at the Hoy

Managed to finished 16th, had a 1/2 decent stack (although below average) and was looking to chip up right before the second break. What happened was ugly beyond all belief, at least to me. I get dealt AJ suited, and go in for the 3X pot raise, getting two callers. This puts 4200 chips in the pot , and leaves me with 4400. The flop coms down A/10/4. No flush draw, no straight draw, and me with TPGK. I get to be first and push all of my chips. The players next to me, Lightning Strikes goes ALL IN after me! Finally, I watch as the third player calls us also. I turn my cards over, Lightning has Pocket 10s, and the other players has Pocket 4s, and suddenly I realized I am totally screwed. My two-outs dont show on the turn or river, and out I go.

It may be time for me to take some time off. I am becoming to focused on poker, and not the other things in my life. I will still post here when I play, but I dont know how often I will be playing. I wont be playing the Mookie this week, and I think I am deciding against playing in the Big Game on Sunday also. My token SnGs have been horrible lately, and I have lost almost $100 in the past 3 days, not that kind of way I want to be playing.

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