Monday, December 24, 2007


Ok, lets be honest. There were 12 players, its was a $6 rebuy, and I got lucky when I chased a flush on the next to last hand, fully sure of the fact that I was a big underdog to Hoy, especially when I started heads up at 10-1 underdog in chips. But I hit my draws, I got a LOT of great cards in the heads up against Hoy, and I managed to win my first Hoy tournament. Which has really been a goal of mine since I first played it over a year ago. I feel good that I managed to play the rebuy period well enough that I never had to rebuy, and even though it was only worth 2 big blinds when the add-on came, I took it because I was low on chips. I felt really good about how I was playing my position when we were short handed, and how I would open up my hand requirements depending on how many players and what my position was. I had a big fold when we were down to 3 players, as I was last act and the short stack went all in, and then Hoy called, while I had AK. I figured I may have been better then the short stack (I was) but I was likely racing with Hoy (I was). The board came down with two Kings, so I would have scooped it all and been much closer to even with Hoy to start heads up, but all things considered I still think I made the right play. Thanks again to Hoyazo for hosting the event, loved the format for a smaller group like he knew he had. Wish I was able to play on New Years Eve next week, but I will likely be out and drinking/play cards live.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good poker night

Started by firing up my laptop in the back row of my accounting class (yes, even at 38 years old, I am still taking college classes). Decided just for fun to play a single table SNG and a multi-table touranment to try and win my way into the 50/50 last night. After being under 1000 chips in the SNG with 6 people left, I played good tight poker and pushed when I needed to, and won my seat there. I proceeded to really run over the people in the multitable tournament for the beginning hour, being in the top 3 most of the time. I faded back to 8th during the 2nd hour, but held on there and with 10 people getting seats, I ended up getting another $55 put back in my full tilt account. Played the 50/50 and the Mookie, and was card dead in both for quite a while. I eventually lost out in the 50/50 during the 2nd hour when I got outdrawn. In the Mookie I lost the first 2 hands and about 1/3 of my chips in less then 2 minutes, so I was 93rd out of 93 just 2 minutes in. I dipped below 1000 chips about 30 minutes in, but worked my way back up above 3,700. Got hit again in the second hour, and worked my way back up again! I eventually ended up being the Mookie bubble boy, as I finally died in 10th place, when my 77 push as the small stack went headups up with AKo, and the flopped King was more then I could come back from. Felt really good playing though, and I think my middle game has gotten some improvement from the suggested reading suggested in the comments a few posts back. Taking the weekend off, but will be back in time for the BIG GAME on Sunday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Live Poker

Played in my monthly $80 Big Dog Series of Poker touranment this weekend. Only 31 came out to play, being in December and holiday stuff going on. I came in very tired from the week of work and it showed! I totally misread a hand, but ended up sucking out to keep from being eliminated. It tilted me so badly, that I ended up chasing with two pair knowing my opponent had 2nd nut straight. I ended up donking out of the whole thing in 21st, when my KJs lost to AJo. However I was stuck there for another 2 hours, as my wife ended up winning the whole damn thing. She runs good!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend of close misses

Play a bit this weekend as the wife shopped, and did alright for myself. Attempting to qualify for the Aussie Millions 25 seat tournament, I ended up being one off for a seat to the $100+$9 qualifer on purpose, when I realized that I had no chance of making the tournament time to play. So I played for the cash prize of $92 (for a $26 buy-in) and got it. I also played in a tournament to qualify for the $750,000 Sunday tournament, and this time I was bubble boy. I didnt push when I had 3 of 6 players limp in front of me with me having an M<1.5, and would have flopped trip 5's and won the hand. Instead I push the next hand, get one caller, who runner/runners a straight to beat my 2 pair.

Tonight is the 6-max NLH for the MATH, so I plan on being there, so should you!