Monday, March 14, 2011

WSOP Circuit Main Event

While I played well, the cards were not in my favor during the main event. I had a very aggressive table, which I can usually play well against if I am getting even a small selction of playable cards. However, for lasing 9 hours, I only got three pocket pairs the entire time (33 & 55 which were unableable considering my position and the action prior to it even being my bet. My KK ended up costing my 1/4 of my stack, as I bet 100/200 blinds I got called preflop when I re-raised to 1,900 chips and after the flop my 2,500 bet was called. I checked the turn and river when the third club showed on the turn, and sure enough was beat when I had been called on my raises by Ac5c. My only two other playable hands were A10 (which I won a small pot), and AhKh right after the dinner break (which I double up on!). I ended up finally succumbing to the blinds and pushed 78off into AJ, and the JxJxQx flop and nothing on the turn helping me ended my tournament. I did manage to finish 151st out of 442, so for as card dead as I was, I was happy how I played and managed ot outlast almost two thirds of the field!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Update - WSOP Circuit Events - Atlantic City

I know I havent updated much lately, have been very busy with work and family. We decided to take a quick vacation for the last weekend of the WSOP Circuit Events, and I played in the last Mega-Satellite to the WSOP-C Main Event. Got 97 players, which then paid out 19 seats and cash for 20th place. Tough going early, as I won only 4 hands in the first 4 blind levels, with 89off in the small blind actually winning with just a pair 9's, 49off winning in the big blind by turning a straight against 3 other players, and my 99 and KK both holding up for my only two pocket pairs early. By level 6 I was down to 6 BB when I got AK, and pushed and got two callers (one all in). The all-in was short and had nothing, the other player had AK also, and we ended up chopping the pot. A few hand later I got AA, and pushed against the same guy that had AK previously, who called with JJ. I floped an Ace, but had got a flush draw on the turn, and he got there on the river. As I was getting up, it was pointed out that the club that fell also paired the board, giving me a boat and new life. From there I rode my average stack to a seat in the WSOP-C Main Event, and play that today starting at 12 Noon!