Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday Bracelet Race

Played the 130 PM $75 token race, which awarded 2 seats. There were 57 players, so now overrun added. Played very tight, finishing the first hour with 1515 chips, only 15 more chips then I started with. The second hour showed a major step up in the blinds, and I finally managed to chip up and was at 3500 chips (but last place of 12 players left) with the last hand before the 2nd break giving me pocket 3s. The big blind (who was the chip leader with 17000 chips) bet 3x the pot, pretty much making me push it all in if I were to call. I figured with that stack he was trying to bully me, so I did push. He ended up having pocket 5s. Four diamonds gave both of us flushes, his being higher of course. My best finish so far, giving me hope that I may be able to do this eventually this year. If not, I am learning a lot.
I plan on playing the MATH and the Mookie this week.

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