Friday, October 29, 2010

It's been 2 Months??

Wow, I didnt even realize it has been that long, until I read comments on my last post from Lightning and Bam-Bam asking about my trip to Vegas, which as LAST month! It just seems like life is getting in the way of poker. I guess that is what happens when you have a kid at 39! She turns 2 in December, and is becoming more talkative and smart every day. The Vegas trip was great, I only got to play poker twice the entire trip, once finishing 3rd in a SNG. Super Turbo with the guy that won being a complete drunk who was a regular as the poker room so....
Got to get remarried in a wonderful little ceremony, saw the Freemont Street Experience again, and the fountains at the Bellagio for the first time. Generally had a great time. Have been playing very infrequently online, maybe once a week, and even then just a Steps touranment or two, currently have two Step 2 ($8.80) tokens. My life events, I have the two series I play in that both had their first events in October. The WSOP group I finished 7th (out of 20), so I am still in the running, but need to not finshing any worse then that the rest of the way out. The TDSOP group I finished a disappointing 17th out of 40, but earned a few points and feel comfortable that with a little smarter play I should easily qualify for the final tournament. Of course the wife plays in the TDSOP group also, and finished fifth, so I guess she is the better player right now!