Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chip and a Chair

One of the biggest problems I have run into lately is trying to multitask while I am playing poker. Last night I am watching American Idol with my wife, while playing 2 Token Sit n Go's: One for a $26 Token, the other for a $75 Token. Unfortuntely I didnt pay attention to how the boards overlapped, and while trying to fold in the $26 one, the other pops up and I end up raising a hand I thought I had already folded. Needless to say, I lose that hand and I am down to 25 chips, going into the big blind and I am pissed off. Well I win that hand to get me to 50 chips, which is again blinded in, so I win that again!! Now I am at 200 chips. Another double up, then another, and I am at 800 chips. Mind you when I got down to 25 chips there were still 14 people left, and it only paid 6 people. After losing out of the $26 token SNG (which pissed me off again!), I concentrate on the other one. The blinds eventually get up to 250/500, and I get outrivered by someone straight draw, but I hold out until 6th place, on a hand I could have folded and taken 5th maybe. I only had 890 chips left, and played A9suited against and slight higher chip count all-in, only to be called again by someone else. The slight higher chip counts turns over JJ, the asshole that called both of up turnes over 79?? Needless to say that dumbass hit his straight, but I still won $57 dollars. Not bad for being down to 25 chips!

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