Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Poker Content! And a rare winning night.

Decided to fire up Full Tilt while waiting on Survivor to start on Wednesday night. Found a $4.40 On Demand Rush tournament going, and jumped in as it was starting. Played well early, getting paid off on my good hands and staying away from the bad ones. I have found that with the $4.40's Rush that a lot of people will pay almost anything for all their chips early, so getting the nuts a few times in the first 30 minutes builds a stack quickly. Unfortunetly two tough hands just after the money bubble burst put me out in 23rd out of 264 for $6 and change. I saw the $6.60 token frenzy starting up then, and decided to jump into that. BAD IDEA. Took less than 10 minutes to get bounced from that mess. Getting JJ and QQ in the first ten hands and losing both times is not a good sign. Finally settled on a $5.50 H.O.R.S.E. tournament that started at 8:15 PM. Figured I could get some work on all the games at one time. Basically played the hold'em and omaha super tight early and was running people over in Razz. Still managed to only have just over my starting stack as we approached the bubble, but got a triple up scooping in Omaha when my AA26 ends up getting nut low and 6 high straight. This moved me into the top 5 with 15 left, where I stayed for the rest of the night. Amazining enough I took the chip lead as the former chip leader spewed 50% of his chips to me in two Razz hands, including one where I am showing 8643 and he is showing QJ75. Play got slow when we got to 5 handed, but I was able abuse most of the table in both Razz and Stud Hi/Lo, and eventually got heads up with a slight chip lead. Hold'em and Omaha heads up cost me my chip lead, and I was actually down 4:1 in chips at one point, but as soon as we hit Razz again I was able to crush my opponent and took the win for $162!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poker Content!

Yes, I do actually still play poker! Decided to try a do or die with the rest of my Full Tilt bankroll last Wednesday, with me sitting a just under $35, I took two shots at satellites to the 50/50, since I figured if I won on of them I could play wiht the next day being a day off for me. Play a $7.70 SNG, and naviagated a minefield of bad play by others to end up in the final three. The chip lead went back and forth between the three of us, until a badly timed bluff ended the tournament for the player to my left, leaving me heads up but at a 2-1 chip disadvantage. Using a bit of agression I was able to take the chip lead after about20 hands, and 4 hands later won the tourament! So far so good, but I was already playing the $14 MTT for another 50/50 seat, and jumped out to a nice chip stack early on. Played a semi-tight agressive style throughout, and easily won a 2nd seat to the 50/50! Decided to just cash both seats out and play the Very Josie instead, which ended far to early as I was getting a too agressive and let the betting of other dictate how I was going to play (Yes, I am looking at you HeffMike and Very Josie!). Went out 8th, but still have a GREAT time playing the Very Josie and a good night on the tables. Played my WSOP group on Friday night, and as is uncommon for me in those tournament, I actually got off to a nice steady build of chips early, and was easily at on above the average chip stack most of the night until we got down to 5 players. At that point, I was 4th in chips, and was picking my spots to get my chips in. I watched as a very poorly timed Hammer bluff was by the chip leader was called down by the 2nd place in chips, leading to a HUGE stack by one player. Let everyone else take desperation shots at the new chip leader, and played my two good hands as three others were elimiated and I ended up heads up! Down 4 to 1 in chips, I ran my Pocket 3's into Pocker 4's but spiked a 3 on the river, and actually at one point took the chip lead! It didnt work out though, as my A8 was eventually outflopped by KJ, and I was crippled again and finished 2nd. Still awaiting the overall standing after 3 (of 5) events, but I am definately still in the running for the overall win and Main Event WSOP seat if I play good the last two tournaments!