Friday, June 22, 2012

Return of CEMfromMD

Back to betting!  Things were really tight for me after the shut down of online poker in America, but it had nothing to do with that.  Trying to sell a house in the current market that we owed way too much more then it was worth was brutal.  Long story short, we ended up getting out and short selling the house in April, so we are now free of that load.   Finally giving me the time and funds to have some fun!   I managed to get out and bet all three of the Triple Crown races, with a only $1.00 less during the Kentucky Derby, $5.00 gain during the Preakness, but my fortunes with the Ponies went down the drain during Belmont weekend, to the tune of $120 loss.   I have gotten a chance to play poker some too lately.   A nice $1/$2 cash game say me river a full house on the 2nd hand to start on the positive side, and was up $500 bucks at one time.   Was card dead most of the last two hours, so I ended with $300 profit, still not bad for the night.  A tournament last weekend that was supposed to be for a WSOP Main Event seat ended up not having enough players, so it was changed to a $100 buy-in with no seats at the WSOP on the line.   Played tight early, but lost 1/2 my stack before the first break when my AQ suited was beaten by Q9 after the QxQ flop, because the river 9 ended up giving my opponent the boat.   Did play smart and still managed to make the final table and finish 5th for $70 profit.   Finally played just this last Tuesday night in a $.50/$1.00 Dealer Choice game, buying in for a mere $16, and walking away with a $96 profit.  Also joined the PocketFives tournament on WildHog poker last night, being totally card dead (only won three hands in 2 hours) and was knocked out 82nd out of 304.  Looking to play in Al Can't Hang's advertised tournament on June 30, and will provided updates on that and other poker and betting exploits as they occur moving forward.    For those of you that follow Pro Wrestling, one of my friends will be starting his Wrestling Blog this week, I will provide a link for it as soon as it goes live for those that might be interested.    It's good to be back, and hopefully there are a few of you still there (at least once you all get back from Vegas!).