Friday, November 17, 2006

Its been a long time....

I have been very busy, but plan to update my blog at least once a week for now one. This blog will be strictly my poker musings.

Lately I have been playing good. I got into a $3.00 MTT, placed 6th of 1722, and took down $128! My best single pay online, and my current bankroll is now at $220.00.

I have also switched from the 18 person turbo SnG to the $5.00 SnG Single Table. I am in the top 3 (cash!) almost 40% of the time, and and 20% on the bubble, so I am happy with my play.

Also in the 3rd season of the CardPlayer league, I actually volunteered to be captain of a team, which with 8 weeks out of 12 done, we are almost assured of winning the team title. Additionally, I have final tabled 3 times, cashed 1 time, and sit 3rd overall. With 4 weeks left, I really only need 1 good week (final table), or a couple of average weeks to assure myself of seat at the Tournament of Champions.

Also playing live, twice in the past month. Finished 21st of 40 the first one, but won $52 in a cash game afterwares. The second time I final tabled and finished 5th of 41. Play again this saturday, so we will see how it goes.