Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Tokens

Played quite a bit Saturday night and Sunday. I was getting beat about 20 different ways on Saturday, came out with no tokens and less a good bit of money. Sunday started bad for tokens, but I also played a $3.00 + $0.30 MTT with 261 players. A great finish of 5th gave me $44.41 and a bit of confidence. Took a break to spend time with the family. Played later that evening. Played four $8.00 + $0.70 Tier 1 Token SNGs and a $5.00 + $0.50 Omaha Hi/Lo SNG. Won 3 tokens (winning 2 of the tournament outright) and won the Omaha Tournament also. So for $37 + $4.30 I have $22.50 in cash and 3 $26 tokens!

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