Friday, November 23, 2007

Mid-Tournament Troubles?

I played in all the BBTwo events this week, and honestly didnt fare too badly. Just out of the points in the Big Game and the Hoy, and firmly in the points in both the Mookie and Riverchasers. However I think I have found a problem in my game that needs addressed, and for those that read me, and suggestions on what to read to improve this would be great. My main problem is that I can have a decent stack early, heck in all four tournaments I was in the Top 6 at some point during the tournament. However I seem to get to the point most of the time where I cant pull the trigger and use my stack to get chips in the middle stages of the tournament. So by the time we get to the final two tables, I am pushing in races most of the time. Back to read Harrington again, but anything else that some could suggest would be great. Have a great weekend, and look to see you all on the virtual felt soon!


TripJax said...

You need to read Making The Final Table by Erick Lindgren. This book really helped me put my tournament game in the right direction. While it is catered to explaining how to navigate a big buy-in live tournament, I had no problem adjusting the reading to any type of tournament, including online.

I got my paperback copy relatively cheap on amazon and I would suggest it to anyone trying to work on their game. Of course the Harrington books is another avenue, but Erick has some nuggets in his book that just felt right to me...

Good luck.

lightning36 said...

A common problem shared by many, including myself.

I recently noticed (these tournaments all run together in my mind now) that you lost a lot of chips on a pretty much naked bluff in the middle-late stages of a tournament. Not a criticism, just an observation. Hard to get bloggers to lay almost anything down sometimes.

tripjax's recommendation sounds good. Sounds like I need to read it.