Friday, November 2, 2007

I am back..not in good form though...

Ok, so it was only 10 days, but with my cruise coming up in just over a week, I wanted to get a little play in before I went, so I can make a full attack on the BBTwo on Thanksgiving week. My token frenzy went VERY poorly, as I went out 112th out of 113. On the third hand I pushed by pocket 10s into pocket kings. Oh well. I did play fairly well in the Riverchasers tournament, but eventually got myself in trouble trying to play cute and only called the blinds with AQoff, allowing the blinds to look for free. With an Axx flop, but all clubs, I bet out pot size, and TripJax pushes. If I had half a brain and thought about it, I would have not called, but as he was a huge stack at that point, I wasnt putting him on anything but a steal. Well letting him stay in for the minimum preflop hurt, as he had 4/5 clubs. (By the way, check out his blog for a great bit about Sit and Go End Game Strategy). So out I went, but feeling good about all by one of my plays in the Riverchasers tournament. I may play the Mookie and/or Riverchasers next week, depending on how busy we are getting ready for my cruise.

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