Monday, November 19, 2007

The Blogger Big Game

Started great, winning earlier and often and pretty much being a complete cardrack the first two hours. I was chip leader a few times, and in the Top 5 all the way until we had 15 people left. I only played one hand badly all night, but since I did it against a player with a larger stack, it knocked me out in 15th. I was dealt AK of spades, and called a 4X blind raise. Flop came up blank, and my opponent bet the pot, which was 6,700 at that point. My mistake was at this point, where I called the bet. I should have either raised it, or folded. This left me with 11,000 chips, and a pot of over 20,000. When a second spade came on the turn, and the my opponent get out enough to put me all in, I knew I was behind still, but figured anywhere from 9 outs to the nut flush, up to 15 outs if he didnt flop a set (which he didnt). I was commmitted to see it out, at least in my head. I called and the river came as a non-spade Jack, giving him a three of a kind. At least I won a token to get in, and didnt spend $75 of my bankroll. Definately a learning experience. Give the MATH a shot tonight!!

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lightning36 said...

Nice run. Shit happens, especially in Hold Em.