Thursday, November 8, 2007

Playing in the Mookie..and suckout city

Tough night, tried quite a few token sats, and one sat into the FTOPS Event 1. Almost every time I lost I got sucked out on. Most of them were not questionable calls on the other players part though, just unlucky for me.
As far as the Mookie, I had an up and down night, and ended up going out 47th of 107. Not enough to get points or money, but not too bad. I had the indignity of getting sucked out on by none other then Waffles when I correctly read him on an attempt to steal blinds when I was short stacked. I had KJo, he had 9d 10d. Flop came up 9Jx giving both of us a piece, but of course a 9 on the turn gives Waffles my stack. Oh well, try again in Riverchasers tonight, then off on my cruise!!

Played some Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit ($0.10/$0.25) Cash, left up $9.00 on a $25 buy-in. Also played a one table Omaha Hi/Lo Limit $2.50 SNG, finished 2nd for $5.40 cash. May work on grinding that some during the holidays.

See everyone tonight at Riverchasers!!


RaisingCayne said...

Nice push against Waffles Wednesday night, tought loss. Better luck next week! Hope to see you competing.

For your peace of mind, it could be worse! At least you're not owning the BOTTOM of the BBT2 Leaderboard standings!!!

lightning36 said...

Good call, just a poor result. I guess that goes along with the idea of being satisfied with the technical aspects of your play instead of being "results oriented."