Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Another Hoy, Another Bubble

Finished 7th again this week in the Hoy, taking my 2nd short stacked A8 suited against pocket 9s and Pockets Kings. No one improved, and the short stack was 8th, I went 7th, and the rest of them had a party. It wasnt a bad play on my part, as I was calling the all-in of the short stack with the ace, I just never thought the chip leader (who was the big blind) actually had a hand, much less Kings. Also ticket bubbled in a FTOPS qualifer, giving me $48 (for my $75 token) as I finished 3rd with only 2 getting $300 seats. Dammit. Taking some time off, likely wont play again until the Big Game on Sunday night.

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