Friday, May 18, 2007

Riverchasers and FTOPS

Finished 20th in this weeks Riverchasers Tournament. My 3rd try at the tournament, which has yeilded two final tables and two cashes. This one did neither, but did get me more points for the Battle of the Bloggers. Also found out reading Al's blog that Riverchasers has a $2,000 Freeroll once every 6 months for the Top 200 on that Leaderboard. Before getting points in this tournament, I was was already 54th with just my 2 tournaments, so I should be in that Freeroll with no problem. I was 30th overall in the Blogger ratings, Top 50 there get into the final Freeroll. Hopefully a good finish in the Big Game on Sunday will jump me even more.
Played a few satellites to the FTOPS Event #8, which is Limit Hold'em. Finished 4th in the Super Satellite to get my seat to the Satellite proper, but just couldnt get anything together otherwise. May try to qualify for either Saturday's event (as long as it isnt rebuy) or the Main Event late Friday night, then off to the OTB on Saturday noon to bet on the Preakness.

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