Friday, January 9, 2009

200th Post! 2009 Goals

Hard for me to believe that this is my 200th post, so to celebrate it I have decided to post my poker goals from 2009. My goals will not be as large as some people, as the recent addition of little Katie has cut into my poker playing time, but I woudlnt have that any other way. My goals are as follows:

1. To actually win the Skillz Game once this year. While I originally started playing pokwer when I was younger, and thus played very little No Limit Hold 'em, now I play it almost exclusively, even at home game. I want to increase my skill base, and winning the tournament I was lucky enough to get to take over as host of is part of that.

2. Provide a more informative leaderboard for the Skillz Game. This one is actually doable, I just need to figure out how to post/imbed PDF or Excel files into a blog post.

3. Double my current bankrolls on the three sites I have money one. With PokerStars that may be interesting, as I have very little ($27.00), so a few bad SnG's and I am playing freerolls to bring my bankroll back up. With Full Tilt, I will need to start cashing more in the Skillz Game, and if the rumors of the BBT4 are true, cash in some of those too. Bodog I have almost halfway done this already, as I started 2009 with just under $350.00, and with one tournament played on there I already have a $150 cash.

4. Live Poker - I am currently 4th in my WSOP poker league, with 3 of 6 tournament complete. The leader is almost running away with it, so I need either to Top 3 finishs (out of 20 players) or the leader to have a couple of bad days. I would also like to cash in somthing in Atlantic City/Las Vegas, providing I get the chance to visit either of those this year. Which brings me to......

5. Attend the Summer Blogger gathering. There is no way with my work schedule in December, the Holidays, and now my daughters Birthday, that I will EVER get to attend a Winter gathering, so I am already working to making the Summer gathering a reality.

6. Play in a WSOP Prelim event. This would tie in with the Summer gathering, and I hope that I can either run my Bodog bankroll up high enough to cash out of pay for it, or win a Bracelet Race on Full Tilt.

7. Post/Read more in the 67Suited Forum, that at times lately between home life and blogging, I have not been able to participate as much as I would like.

8. Post more then just Skillz Game information. More informative posts about something that I have done well, or poorly, so I can share information and get feedback from the rest of you will be a great thing for me to do this year.

Well there they are. Somebody remind me not to go back and read this unless I have a good year this year at the tables.

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BamBam said...

Pretty darn good start on #8 with this post my friend. Keep it up and good luck with all of your goals.