Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Skillz Game Results - 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo PLUS more Bodog!!

Very nice turnout last night, with the usual suspects finishing near the top.
Lightning36 started the year off with a bang winning the event, Pushmonkey72 finishing 2nd, and Wetgas 3rd. Last years money leader Pirate Lawyer finished 5th.

2009 Leaderboard
1. lightning36 $84.00
2. pushmonkey72 $50.40
3. Wetgas $33.60

"Career" leaderboard (meaning since I took over the Skillz Game), will be shown at the end of each month.

Next week is Tournament #71943671 (01/13/09) - Pot Limit Omaha Hi Only

On the Bodog front, I got a chance due to bad weather to sign up in time for the $1.5K Turbo, which I finished 4th in last time I played it. Nothing like a tournament that starts at 7:50 PM and is done (at least from me) just a minute before the start of the Skillz Game at 9:30 PM. My finish this time? ANOTHER 4th PLACE!! One of my goals is to win that tournament sometime this year. It still amazes me that with just the Bodonkey touranments and playing the $1.5K Turbo, I have managed to run $40 to just under $500.


Shrike said...

This leaderboard just ain't right.


lightning36 said...

Glad to see that the leaderboard snafu is finally fixed. Things look perfect.