Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skillz Game Pimp + Laptop Problems

This week's game is Pot Limit Omaha Hi Only.

My laptop at home that I use to play poker has now officially died. I had actually just ordered my new laptop, but it won't be here for another week. I hope to still be able to play tonight (borrowing a laptop), but if not, my chips are there for the taking.

Good luck to everyone, hope to see you at the tables tonight, if not, I will work on getting results posted, and maybe a little posting this week about poker tactics that I have seen and how I think they work.

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Tom_from_Dundalk said...

I wonder if they have league poker out your way.I live in Baltimore County and I play World Tavern Poker as part of that league and wonder if it is possible to play around your location. Would appreciate your feedback.