Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday Poker

Played quite a bit last night. Went out 40th in the Token Frenzy, just couldnt get anything going quite well in it. Did win/dominate a $15 Super-Satellite to get T$55, just playing smart and getting people to somehow pay me off when I had the nut hands. The Mookie was very up and down, started slow, but built up to almost 4,000 chips. Pushed my AQsuited from the button, and was called by KJ of the same same suit. Of course he rivered the King, and out I went 29th of 104. The worst poker player in the world, Waffles, somehow managed to win the April $2,000 package for the BBT3. Unreal. I did play the Dookie, where a HUGE field of 10 showed up to play Pot Limit Omaha Hi. Finished 2nd, as I entered heads up as a 3-1 dog in chips, and never could string a few good hands together. Congrats to Numbbono for winning the Dookie.

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