Friday, April 18, 2008

Final Table Riverchasers, Sort of....

It was a fun night playing Riverchasers last night, a tournament that lived up to its name. I played tight early, but after Katitude showed the hammer and a few other bluffs get shown, I realized that I would have to take my shots with hands I might not sometimes. For the most part it worked out, although twice I was hurting badly for chips, and got MASSIVE suckouts. I should have been out in about 35th, when I had 1,200 chips and pushed a huge gutterball that I knew I was behind on, but had tried to push someone off their hand (like that is possible) and ended up being committed to the pot. I runner-runner the straight, and I am right back in it. When we get down to two table I am in the same position, and another lucky hit for me put me about 8th with 13 left. We are finally down to 10, and I get A9off in Early position, wiht just under 4,000 chips. Blinds are 1000/2000 at this point, or some other crazy amount. I raise with it, and get a reraise from the only stack at the table lower then me, and they the BIG stack caps it. At this point I figure I am beat, but if the big stack knocks both of us out, I get 9th instead of 10th. Or I could totally suckout on someone. My A9 vs AQ (other small stack) vs AK. K on the turn seals it for the big stack, and I go home with a "Final Table" even though I didnt play a hand at it. Oh, and almost doubled my money with the $19.50 payout.

Maybe a Bracelet Race tonight, and possible a shot at the 32K. On Kat's Donkarama, or all three. Who knows?

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lightning36 said...

Not a bad strategy for how you played it. Certainly you would want to call the re-raise from the smaller stack, and the big stack might have just been trying to squeeze you out.