Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Week in the BBT3

Short post today.

Played the Skills game on Tuesday, Limit Razz, which I HATE, mostly because I think people stay too long on very long odds hopeing for that one card. Amazingly enough, with 87 starters, we still had 87 after the first hour. I abused my table however, with starting stacks at 3,000 and 8 players, three players were about 10% over their starting stack, 4 others much lower, and I had more then doubled to over 6,000 chips. As the blinds got big in the 3rd hour, I eventually wore down, but finished 7th for a final table and a little bit of cash.

Also played Riverschasers last night, started slow after the first hour, but managed to hit well the 2nd and 3rd hour. Funny thing was, the few times I had premium Top 3 hands (AA 3 times, KK 2 times, QQ once), I couldnt even get a call on a simple 3x BB bet. After being the a bottom 3 stack most of the time from 24 players left on, I still managed to final table my 2nd BBT event of the week. I finally went out in 6th, when my AJ < A5 (Board was 56625). Another cash though, and thoughts of actually trying to play most of the most in order to take a run at the May prize. I was 29th after 4 events, but I had only played 2, and that didnt include my final table last night. A few more final tables and hopefully a win somewhere in there and I may have a shot.

One of the things with poker I have learned lately is that even online, you need to have confidence in your own game in order to do well.

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RaisingCayne said...

Hey thanks for the congrats on my blog, I was proud and thankful for reaching a final table in the Riverchaser's last night. (Sadly was NOT able to take it down... Loretta bounced me in 4th. And I haven't even seen who took it down yet.)

I was planning on mentioning that I was really impressed by your performance in the tournament! You were super microstacked for a while from the points bubble to the Final Table and it was impressive to see you get to where you did! (That 1BB all-in w/ your 33 against like 3 or 4 villains with different overs was huge!)

Anyway, good luck going forward! And have a great weekend...