Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MIddle of the field in the HOY

Played another BBT3 event last night, Mondays at the HOY, and actually for the first time since my MATH win on Christmas Eve, I was on the same table as Hoyazo himself. Also with a couple other tough players, including BBT3 monster Tuscalossa John, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. With my tight style, I was getting pushed off my good by not great hands, and bled off a few hundered chips early. My AA got no action to a 3X raise, so when I finally got QQ UTG, I simply minraised. Hoy read me correctly (see his blog) for a strong hand, but his KK was stronger, so his push was good, my instacall not so much (I read him for a resteal of my minraise, not a monster hand). The Q on the flop put me ahead, and I managed not to get resucked out on. Unfortunetly that was the best I could do all night, as I never really got about 4,000 chips, and eventually got to push mode when we were down around 30 left of 70 starters. 27th place and no points, so I probably sit at 13th-15th for May, and will need a good showing in tonights Skillz game to move into the Top 10 and continue my run for a TOC seat and/or a $2000 package for the most points in May.

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