Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Playing Better

Just a short post today. Played a good bit lately, have been working on improving my play by being a more Tight Aggressive player, and it has seemed to work. Did fairly well in the MATH, finishing 13th of 70, and did OK in the Skills Game, getting a few timely suckouts to finish 26th of 70. When I finally went to bed Hoy had a big chip lead with 3 left, have to check out his blog to see if he won his TOC seat or now. Most happy with my play in the Bodonkey, which I have played horribly lately. I played tight, but managed to double up early with a flopped nut straight in the big blind to knock up TripJax, and later knocked out another player with top set. Had the chip lead early, but could not find anything to play in the middle stages, and finally got knocked out in 11th, just short of the T$.

Probably taking Wednesday off, but will hopefully be playing Riverchaser, as I have been playing Limit quite well lately.

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