Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short Update

After much thought, I have decided that.....I am still taking some time off.
However, I do plan on being back for the 2nd Half of the BBTwo, so approximately mid-November is my planned return. Give myself a month to recharge, take a cruise with my wife, and play some live poker. So tentatively I plan on being back for Monday at the Hoy on November 19th. I will update on life in general, and my live playing in the meantime. Thanks for those who commented on my blog and wished me well otherwise, I will return!

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lightning36 said...

Wow - tough beat, bro. I had been taking some bad ones and had been really discouraged. However, a trip to Las Vegas (just got back) got me a little re-energized. The real Las Vegas stuff is where it's at. It reminds you how inferior playing online is.

Make the best decision for yourself. Hope to see you down the road.