Monday, September 17, 2007

Cashing in the 50/50

Yes, its has bene a while. Work and my class reunion have been taking up a lot of my time, so I decided to still back and relax last night and give a shot at a token for the MATH and take a shot or two at qualifying for the 50/50 last night. Played two token SnG's and managed to win tokens in both of them. The first one was funny, because once I got the token, the usual all-in fest began and I couldnt lose if I tired. My hammer flopped a boat, then with three of us left my K9 flops two nines and then rivers anotehr for quads!
My first attempt at qualifying for the 50/50 went ok, but short unfortunetly. I decided to give the $14+$1 qualifer a shot, and finished easily in the top 15 for my seat. Started the 50/50 strong, get a nice flop in the big blind early and adding a quick 400 chips to my starting 2000 on the first hand. Never got back below my starting amount until my last hand, and by then the blinds were 500/1000. Unfortunetly I go out when my JJ werent OK, and runs into QQ. Finshed in 126th place of 967 runners, for a $80.00 payout. Total spent on the day on buy-ins = $40.30, total won = $80.00 cash, $52 in Tier 1 tokens. Enough for me to play the MATH tonight! See you all there!

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RaisingCayne said...

I have to say man, that was a BRUTAL hand you lost out of the MATH on. I don't understand how 'wormmsu' justifies the call of your HUGE stack all in preflop with AKo, (against your JJ.) At that point it was seven seated and you and him were the only two big stacks. Your push screamed monster, and there was no way AQ or worse was anywhere within your range there. He had to know at best it was a coinflip, and he went into the tank before calling like he was okay with the risk. It would've crippled him, and he went in as a dog, and had to know it. He was then the dominant chip leader 6-seated. (Just to go out in 5th.)

I don't mean to talk trash of another's play... just sympathizing with your loss I guess. I didn't mind your big overpush with JJ on the hand, as you were against the only other big stack and you were able to give him ample reason to fold. I laydown AK in villain's spot there without question, (and I honestly put you on 99-QQ there.)

Good game. Tough loss.