Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bubble and Brutal

First things first, I decided to take my two tokens, and play the MATH and also a satellite to Full Tilt's $750K. The satellite was first, and I played well, but was card dead for most of it. Amazingly enough, I was still alive but in 4th with 4 people left, and finally had to push a semi-decent hand. I get called by both of the large stacks, and have to watch in chat as the other small stack starts acting like a 5 year old. Needless to say, I lost the hand, but won $72 for my trouble.

The MATH was a different story. I was having a good time, knocking heads and playing more aggressive then I usually do, and it worked great. With 24 runners, I was in the top 5 most of the tournament until the hand I was finally knocked out on. Oh, and I was completely AstinBayned last night too. 3 AA's, 4 KK's 2 QQ's, 3 JJ's. Unreal run of cards. The last JJ killed me. If you read the comments to the 50/50 post, you can see what RaisingCayne though of the play. I had the JJ's and was honestly tired of watching the big stack (Wormmsu or something like that) reraise everytime I had something decent at the final table, as he was the only person with more chips then me. I push over the top, and he calls with AKo? Seriously, how is calling off 80% of your stack on a race that you are BEHIND in a good play on his part??? Needless to say, AK4 flop, and IGH 7th. I am happy to report though that Cayne won the MATH again, so props to the man!

On the bankroll front, at one point over a month ago, I was down below $100. I have put together a nice run lately, and have managed to push my bankroll above the $700 mark for the first time ever, without playing cash games at all.

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RaisingCayne said...

You played great in the MATH man, just running over our table as we played through shorthanded prior to the final. Your big cards were holding up and you were dominating. As soon as Wormmsu, called your all in, (and after I threw up in my mouth seeing his AK,) I was really rooting for you to take that pot down. I have a feeling you would've taken the monster stack 6 seated on to a nice cash, (not donked it all off to finish 5th.) Tough loss. You had your money in right! Well played, good game throughout.

Congrats on the recent bankroll successes! But I think it would've been MORE of a feat had you pushed the bankroll up WHILE mixing in cash play, not without it. I just bleed my bankroll away at the cash tables in between MATH wins myself!