Friday, September 7, 2007

Playing the $4K Omaha Hi on Full Tilt

I have currently burned myself out playing LHE and NLHE so much this summer, so I took some time off, and the only reason I decided to play anything last night was the wife was already gone to Maine for the weekend (which I will fly up and join her after work today). I decided to use one of my $26 Tokens and play the $4K Guar. Omaha Hi on Full Tilt at 9:15 PM last night. 173 started, top 18 got paid. I figured I would play some smart OHi and try to sneak into the money. I finally got knocked out of the tournament a little after 1:30 AM, final tabling and finishing in 5th place. A nice little payout of $313! By far my biggest Omaha score ever.

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lightning36 said...

Congrats on the nice Omaha cash. I really need to learn that game a little better. Looks like the pickings might be easier than the regulat NL Hold Em.