Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mookie and FPP

Played well in the Mookie. Managed to slow play a set of 8s to take out BuddyDank, makes me wish I was actually listening to his broadcast last night to see how he reacted to it. Ended up going out in 25th out of 64 runners, as my pair of 10s was better then one players pair of 9s, but beat out by another players having Kings, and when no of us improved IGH.

Played one 70 FPP Sit n Go on PokerStars for entry into the Sunday Hundred Grand, and watched as 2 people went out on the first hand. I then slow played my Presto into a set of 5s, and knocked the chip leader down, and then out the next hand. I was basically hit by the deck for 20 minutes, and finished it up quickly with the win and a entry into the Sunday tournament.

Playing the BBT freeroll tonight. Lets see how that goes.

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Fuel55 said...

And that's how Presto turns pennies into millions. Take it down.