Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Brand New Start? Or an ending?

Trying to decide on what to do with my online poker playing, at least on PokerStars. I am down to $0.01, so my playing with cash is over. My thought is to try taking my 1,000 FPP, and playing some of the 70 FPP satellites into the Sunday Hundred Grand. I am guessing multiple satellite wins for the same one will bring me some tournament dollars, which I will use in micro Sit n Go's and try to rebuild my bankroll.

Full Tilt likely depends on how I do in the Mookie tonight (providing I can get internet access at my hotel in Valley Forge, otherwise I just threw out $11 of my bankroll) and in the BBT freeroll on Thursday (which 12th place will net a cool $75.00, up to $650 for winning it all). If I dont cash in either, it will be micro Sit n Go's and Cash games until i building my roll up. And seeing what I can do with my 4,200 Full Tilt Points.

Live I plan on playing the midnight tournament at the Trump Taj on August 18th, and hope to play an Act 1 qualifer for the 2007 United States Poker Championship on September 29th.

So here I go. I guess it really will be a brand new start.

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AlCantHang said...

Valley Forge, PA?

You do realize that you are a few short miles away from my daily hangout, The Boathouse?

Shoot me an email if you are going to be around for awhile. I'll be (non)drinking there each night this week.