Friday, August 3, 2007

BBT Freeroll

Tough time at the freeroll, was really up and down. Stole a couple of pots early, but kept missing flops at the end of the first hour. Got Pocket 9s on the last hand before the break and went 3X the BB, and was raised 400 chips more. I pushed my 9s into Pocket Jacks and IGH 42nd.

Won a Tier 1 token last night, and played the non-turbo Tier 2 Token SnG. Very tight once we got down to 1 table, with 5 tokens going out. I finally went out in 8th, but my hand that I lost it on was about 3 hands before when I get pocket 10s in the big blind, and the short stack to my left goes all in. I am ready to jump all over that, until the monster stack at the table calls, and then I back off and fold my 10s, figuring one of them has me beat. Shorty turns over AK, Monster turns over AQ, and the flop comes down Four, Ace, ..... TEN. Thats what I get for not pulling the trigger, and I got out three hands later when my pocket 6s run into Pocket Jacks.

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