Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Crash and Burn at the Hoy

Decided at the last minute to play the Hoy, wish I hadn't. Played tight poker the first hour, and got very little out of it, ending up just 10% higher then what I started the hand before the hour break. Short stack goes all-in with AQ, I have AK and call. Of course a Queen comes on the turn and my legs are chopped out. 1st hand back after break I have KQs. Flop comes down Kxx. I know I have the the guy who was in the hand beat, and sure enough I end up all in, with my KQ dominating his KJ. Of course the f'ing Jack falls on the turn and out I go. I dont even know where I finished, nor do I care at this point. I cant believe that I can will races on a regular basis lately, but if I have a dominant hand..then I should just lay it down because I am getting killed.

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