Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First Cash at the Hoy

Played the Hoy last night after a evening of frustrating beats, and the Hoy looked to start the same. Suddenly I hit a rush of cards, took out the 2nd player to go in the Hoy, and was up above 6,000 chips, where I stayed until I went out on my All-In at the end. Played good solid poker, stole some blinds when I was the large stack. Played the final table and cash bubbles very well, considering how I sometimes tend to get overly tight. Must have had AA 4 times, along with KK twice, QQ twice and JJ three times. Yet only got Big Slick one. Final result got me to third place, as a suckout fest at the end could have made anyone the eventual winner. I was so tired though, I couldnt even last through head up to see who won. Oh well. That gives me 16 events played in the BBT, plus hopefully will jump me into the Top 30 overall, so I should be able to qualify on points alone, and not have to worry about playing 20 event (although I probably will anyway).

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bayne_s said...

Congrats on cash at Hoy.

Is it from Maryland or Frederick Maryland?

My sister lives near golden mile, sister-in-law on shookstwon rd