Monday, June 4, 2007

Vegas Bound Baby!!!

That's right, after months of trying I actually did it. Played in a $8.00 SnG for a token, and managed to take 1st to get the $26 token. Used that token to buy-in the Bracelet Race sat, and decided to take Hoy's advice and play the soft $14.00 + Rebuy Bracelet Race sat also. Managed to get past the first hour in the Rebuy WITHOUT rebuying, so I paid the extra $14 for the add-on and went from there. After 2 hours, I was on the final table of both Bracelet Race sats, and won my seat on the $14 rebuy about 11:20. 15 minutes later I manage to do the same on the $26 token buy-in, so Full Tilt puts $216 in my account (more then doubling what I had in there at the time!). Play went pretty good for most of the Bracelet Race, but when we get down to 12 people (with 10 getting money and 7 getting $2,000 Bracelet Race packages), I am sitting 12th. As the blinds go up, people keep going down, and we are finally down to 8 people. I of course am sitting 8th in chips at the time. I get K10d in the big blind with $1850 committed by the blind and ante, leaving me with $4400 left. One EP caller and the small blind call, I push it all-in. Both players call me. They check it down, and I hit the runner-runner straight, beating both of their pocket pairs (one had 9s, the other Queens). Jumps me all the way to 4th, where I only have to wait about 4 hands until the new low stack goes all in and loses. Its on to Vegas for me!

Also managed to play in the Riverchasers Horse, finished 4th (Bubble of course), but getting more points and hopefully will keep me in the Top 50 with the limited schedule I am able to play.


TripJax said...


Congrats and drinks are in order.

Fuel55 said...


AlCantHang said...

Congrats and good luck!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

That is awesome, cem. I just saw your email this morning and am sorry I did not respond sooner. I imagine you know by now, but full tilt should just be depositing $2000 into your account directly since you won the bracelet race. Last year they made you pick up your winnings at the Rio at the full tilt hospitality suite, but this time around it's just straight-up cash into your account for you to do what you will.

Best of luck, let us know when you plan to hit Vegas man. Great news!!

Irongirl01 said...

Belated Congrats CEM!!

I missed this in my lead up to my Vegas Trip!!! Are you keeping the cash or playing an event? Keep us posted.