Monday, June 25, 2007

Cold Decked and Out Played

Got cold decked when I got short of chips in the 500K, but the hand before got me as the guy slowplayed his pocket 9s when the flop came 972. I paired by Jack on the river, but was outplayed the whole way. I got pocket 9s the next hand, was called on my push by AK, and he flopped a King and it was all over. I was Gigli in the Riverchasers Horse, after battling back and have three 2s on 4th street of 7card stud, I kept betting into two guys checking, and the winner hits a flush with running cards. I was cold decked, I had a very good hand with a short stack, and at the point that he finally raises my bet on 7th street, his raise puts me all-in...why would I fold at that point with less then 200 chips and blinds at 100/200? I did play the daily double at 9:00. Got sucked out on in A, but rode some good cards and some good plays in B to a 40th place finish out of 900+ getting me back about $30 of the $50 in cash I had invested for the day. Point wise I am good with the BBT, so I will likely play the Mookie for the heck of it on Wednesday, and let my point standings work for me, as I will only have 19 events with 20 needed for a automatic invite.

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