Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bubble at the MATH..AGAIN!! Off to Vegas Thursday night

Played a quick $8 SnG to win a token for the MATH, which I managed to win in my first shot. Put myself in with 54 runners at the last MATH of the BBT, and my last paid tournament of the series also, since I will be backing Wednesday night and flying out on Thursday night to play in Event #49 ($1,500 NLHE) at the WSOP. With any luck, I will still be in on Sunday evening, and thus miss the Big Game also, although I have my token just in case.
I played good strong poker in the MATH. I pushed some peeople off of hands with semi-bluffs in the mid-game, something I have been working on some lately. I never really got below my starting chip amount of 3000 until I went out, so I was very happy with my play. However I never got above 15,000, but mostly because I was watching Bayne hitting EVERYTHING last night. Havent seen the results but would be surprised if he didnt win the whole thing. Finally was pushed with Presto UTG, and was called by the button with 88, which he flopped an 8 to really just crush any chance for me. Party for everyone left, and me looking at the potential cash slipping out of my hand again. Oh well. No more online poker this week, looking forward to getting out the Vegas and playing the WSOP. Staying at the Stratosphere, but if anyone is going to be out there this weekend leave me a comment and maybe we can get together for a cash game or something since I will be there until Tuesday afternoon regardless of what happens.


Fuel55 said...

ping me when you get to vegas

Anonymous said...


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