Thursday, March 22, 2007

Token, I need more tokens

Stayed home to take care of my wife, and decided to play a bunch of sit n gos plus both $26 token frenzy's. I actually went 4 of 5 in the SnGs, just busting out of one of them too early, thus taking my token count up to 5. I did use one to try and work my way into the Midnight Bracelet Race, but just didnt have the game at that point. I also got whooped pretty badly in the Mookie, as I doubled up twice when my pocket Aces held up, then the following hand I had pocket 5s and watched the flop come up A-5-5. Lost most of it less then 10 minutes later to AlCantHang when I went all in with pocket 2s on 8-8-8 flop and Al flipped over pocket Kings. Both of the Token frenzy's ended badly too, played like a donk in both of them. Taking Thursday off, playing some more on Friday, then taking some time off until late next week to do school and reunion work and give myself a break from poker.

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