Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Atlantic City

Went up to Atlantic City for Saturday night, but wife was feeling very sick, so we stayed in the hotel. Fortunetly I had my laptop, so I jumped on and played one of my $26 tokens towards a $200 buy-in for the WSOP ME seat later that night. Played great, finished 3rd and got my seat I proceeded to finish in the middle of the pack of that tournament, never really getting any cards, but holding on as the low man in chips for about 30 minutes, watching about 10 more of the 40 left actually fall out of the tournament before I finally succumed myself.

Did finally get to play a live Sit and Go at Ballys Wild West. Wife was feeling better, so we both played, there were two running, so I played one, she played the other. $50 + $15 buy-in. First paid $400, Second $100. Wife actually got to heads up before finally losing, winning herself $100. I played very tight for the first 1/2 hour (blinds went up every 15 minutes), and finally saw Pocket 9s. I went all in, and had two callers (both of who had me covered). Flop came done J-8-4 rainbow. Guy to my left bet out another 500 (blindes were 50/100 at the time), getting a call. Turn was a wonderful 9 and left no flush draw possible. Guy to my left bet out again, the other guy folded. Cards flip and he has KJ, leaving himself with only 2 outs. River is a blank, and I triple up. After that I just took over the table, knocking out 5 of the last 6 players, and winning the tournament with pocket 2's. Nice $400 cash, and the wife and I end up coming home wiht $7 more then we left with, great considering how much we spent for food, entertainment and everything!

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