Monday, March 5, 2007

Saturday Night

Saturday night was pretty good to me. Wanted to just hope on and play a SnG for another token on Full Tilt, got off to a quick early lead, knocking out 2 of the first 3 and having twice the chips of the 2nd place player. Took a hard beat that took me back down to just over what I started with, but held on to 5th place (of 18) to get my token. That brings me up to 3 $26 tokens, which I am working on getting 5 of so and then playing a bunch of satellites towards either $75 tokens or straight into the big $200 qualifiers for the $2,000 Bracelet Race touranments. I figure by working up in steps I am not blowing too much bankroll, and I am working on improving my game.

Played a late night 67 cash game, which I doubled my $25 buy-in. I did get called out by RyansPhoto when I lamely raised my Hammer before the flop, but checked it through the rest and no one else bet, so it ended up showing to the table. So lame, but damn Ryan called it out on the 67 board. Oh well, I will throw one the right way one of these days.

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lightning36 said...

Thanks for your input on the hand I posted in my blog.

Sounds like you are doing a good job working on the tokens. I think that Hoy has some of us in a token frenzy.

Were you aware that a $75 token will get you in The Big Game - a blogger tournament which will be coming up in a few weeks?