Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Great Poker Night

I decide to give Monday at the Hoy a try tonight, but dont want to go in cold, so I start playing early, about 4 PM. First was a $14 + $1 SnG to try and get a $75 Token on Full Tilt. End up busting out near the bubble, but felt really good about my play. The strange thing was I thought I was going to go down quick, so I had signed up for the $3 + $0.30 Triple Shootout to the Sunday Million on Poker Stars, and totally forgot about it until the table pops up on my screen. First table, watch as someone doubles up in the first couple of hands, and I grind it out for over an hour, but win the table. Second table, another double up, but I play really good and take down that table too, this time in less then 40 minutes. Final table, 3 of 6 get a ticket for the Sunday Million. I never go below 1000 chips, but never above 2000. The fateful hand I wasnt even in, as the short stack gets knocked out and I get my seat. Loving life. So I still have an hour before the Hoy, so I use one of my $26 Tokens to try and win a $75 token. Sure enough, with about 2 minutes before the Hoy is to start, I get that token too! I actually final tabled the Hoy, getting knocked out in 8th of 18, but I am happy with that for my first shot at a $20 buy-in Blogger event. Totals for the day: Buy-ins: $66.30 Payouts: $291.00

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