Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hump Day Poker

Got on Full Tilt and decided to play some Sit N Go's to try and earn some tokens. Went out 9th of 18 on the first one, which was the $8.00 + $.70 turbo. Decided to take my shot at $75 token using one of my $24 tokens, which I turned a early run into a 2nd place finish, giving me a token. I also played in the $26 token frenzy, barely holding on at the bubble with 350 chips left and blinds at 400/800, but got my token none the less. I finally played 6 handed sit and go, totally dominating the table for the first 20 minutes, knocking out 4 players rather easilty. However once I hit heads up I could not hit a card. Had 8350 chips to his 650 at one time, and finally lost it. So instead of a $26 token, I get $10. Still a plus. So after putting up buyins of $8.70, $6.50, $26.00, and $6.60, I came out respectively with $0, $26 Token, $75 Token, and $10 Cash. Not a bad night at all!

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