Monday, March 12, 2007

Pretty Good Weekend

Live on Saturday. Finished 20th of 34 in the final regular tournament of the Top Dog Series of Poker, but points werent needed to qualify for the final, so no big deal. Was totally card dead. Played cash game while waiting for the final to start. Near the end and down $30, with only $31 left on the table, I get dealt Js4s. I limp in with 6 others. Flop comes out 2s6c10s. Bet is $5, I call with 3 others, so pot is now $32. Jc comes on the turn, and it gets bet for $10. Again three callers. Final card is the 10h. Checked around to me, I bet my last $11, and take down a pot over $100 with my 3 Jacks! Final tournament started soon after, got Pocket Aces twice in the first 12 hands, managed to put myself near the chip lead, but go card dead the rest of the night. Finally go out when I go all in for 2500 chips (starting chip amount) with blinds as 400/800 with AhQh against KhJh when a Jack hits on the river.

Sunday was all online. Sunday Million didnt go as well as hoped. Doubled up within the first 10 minutes with 3h8h in the big blind on a flop of 3/4/8 as my opponent had pocket 4s, but I hit an 8 on the turn and he goes all in on the river, easy call! Outlasted 6,500 people, but not near enough to get to the money. Made an attempt on Full Tilt to win a seat with $75 token in the Braclet Race for $2,000 WSOP package. 90 players, finished 22nd. Again played good, but couldnt get much to play with, and final got it all in with AK vs AJ, and again the Jack hits on the river to take me out. However my last 3 SnGs on Full Tilt I have won $26 Tokens, actually winning all three SnGs, so at least there I am on a run!

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