Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Taking a few days off

Horrible night last night. Got rivered on what should have been an easy double up on Bodog just 10 minutes before the CardPlayer tournament. It seemed to stick with me, as I ended up donking off my chips in less then 10 minutes, finishing a horrible 40th of 41 in the CardPlayer tournament. Hopefully I didnt dig myself too much of a whole, as I was only 5 points out of the final table before this, now I will likely have to final table 2 of the final 3 weeks to make the championship match. Just couldnt get it together, and the insane heat in Maryland and 10 hour work days are making it so I cant be relaxed enough to play well, so I think I am going to take the middle of the week off, and play some on Friday afternoon, since I have only a half day to work then. No exact numbers for today, but lost $4.40 on Bodog and about the same on PokerStars, so that kills about 10% of my bankroll. Thinking about playing PokerStars 180 person MTT as well as the cheap Sit N Gos when I come back on Friday.

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